2017 Asia Cultural Economy Forum



The 2017 Asia Cultural Economy Forum aims to address and share knowledge in the value and development of Creative & Cultural Trade and Innovation to contribute to the growth of the Economy, Culture and Social Innovation.


In the context of economic, cultural and social development of Asia-Pacific Cities and China’s Belt Road initiative in Asia, the forum seeks to create the platform for discussion, sharing, exchange of knowledge and best practices with experts, academics, entrepreneurs, non-profit organisations, government agencies and practitioners to learn about strategies to develop Cultural Innovation & Trade for their Cities, to support and encourage its practices and businesses, and to create sustainable models for growth and success economically, culturally and socially.


The forum will address the importance of a Cultural IP platform in Asia, developing relevant Cultural Industries for distinctiveness for City and Township, developments in Film and Media in Asia and Cultural Philanthropy.


Participants are from the Creative & Cultural Industries in Asia-Pacific, Businesses in Creative and Cultural Industries, Creative & Cultural Industries Associations, Universities, Educational Institutions, Non-profit Organisations and Government Agencies



China’s Belt Road initiative aims to link cities in the maritime belt and inland roads along the new “silk route” that spans from Asia to Europe. The goal of the initiative is to promote cultural understanding and economic growth through co-operation between countries and cities to create a one united world.


Cultural Innovation and Trade will play a very important part in promoting understanding, innovation and economic co-operations.
With the emergence of the Belt Road initiative, the aim of this forum is to explore, share, discuss and strategize programs and initiatives where Creative and Cultural Enterprise and Innovation is relevant to both social and economic development for the different countries and cultures engaged in this initiative.


Market Research and Analysis on the Cultural Industry in Asia
Combining the Relevant Cultural Industry to Support City or Township Planning and Developing
Creative Industry, Cultural Trade and Cultural Philanthropy
Developing a Cultural IP Trade Platform in South East Asia
Development of Film and Media Industry in China, Southeast Asia and South Asia
World Premiere of “China’s period of Yunnan-Vietnam railway”

Chinese Culture Week Committee and Keynote Speakers

Liu Tai Ker

Senior Director, RSP Architects Planners & Engineers (Pte) Ltd

Li Jiashan

Executive Dean of National Institute of Cultural Development Expert & Secretary General of China Institute for Cultural Trade Research

Jennifer Li

Expert & Director of Research Centre of Singapore of China Institute for Cultural Trade Research, Executive Director of Camellia Centre for Culture and Business

James T.H. Tang

Dean, Singapore Management University of School of Social Sciences, Special Advisor to the President on Greater China

Kwok Kian Chow

Director, Wee Kim Wee Centre, SMU Associate Professor of Arts and Culture Management, SMU

Zhou Zhaocheng

Vice President (New Market), Singapore Press Holdings

Ei Sun OH

Former Political Secretary at Malaysia Prime Minister Office Adjunct Senior Fellow Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Fu Yuming

Associate Professor Deputy Head(Research),Department of real Estate, Dean’s Chair National University of Singapore

Katelijn Verstraete

Regional Director of British Council in Singapore

Huang Wen

Executive Manager Yunnan Culture Investment (Beijing) Director, Liu Yun Pavilion

Buslig Szonja Andrea

Cultural Counselor of the Hungarian Embassy in China

Lv Jilin

Top 10 China’s Portrait Photographers, China’s Portrait Photographers Institution Expert Committee (expert member) China’s Portrait Photographers Institution Children Portrait Committee ( vice president)

Chu Jiahua

China’s famous television documentary director, vice president of the China Television Artist Documentary Academic Committee

Xie Qiong

Beijing International Studies University, Deputy Director of Graduate Division

Yao ShiHong

Director China Soong Ching Ling Foundation Silk Road Protection Fund

Lu Bo

Co-founder of World Future Foundation