Chinese Culture Week (CCW) is an annual affair conceptualized around the idea of celebrating Chinese cultural traditions, lifestyle and interaction with local & international community; offering a series of activities that highlights Chinese heritage and contemporary Chinese culture in a modern and engaging way.


By demonstrating the evolution of Chinese culture both through the ages and in different cities, CCW promotes cultural development, trade and its related industries by facilitating business across cultures through intercultural exchange.


CCW aims to become the premier international platform that promotes business and interaction across cultures while celebrating the rich tapestry of the Chinese civilization and lifestyle.


Our vision is to connect culture and technology with lifestyle, offering individuals and enterprises an interesting and exciting new way to meet, network, create business opportunities and showcase their products and services. It will travel between cities with Singapore as its first stop on the international stage.


In the area of Creative & Cultural Enterprise and Innovation are, one on hand, the practices and practitioners of crafts, craftsmen, heritage, performers and cultural players who are in danger of not surviving the present world, and the danger of these cultures and heritage disappearing from the world. One another hand, there are creative enterprises that embraced modern technology to begin to bring new lifestyles. The question is how does one bring these two sets of practices together to preserve yet create new ways of living to our society and yet innovate new enterprises.


One possible strategy to bind the new and old in the Creative & Cultural Industry is through and by Innovation. Innovations can be applied to many facets of our lives. Innovations to making our lives better, to meet the social needs, for sustainability of our planet, are emerging areas that has one focus: for the future sustainability of humanity.


The Creative & Cultural Enterprise and Innovations for Humanity & Enterprise has a common thread that it is for the sustainability and inclusiveness of our society. These applies to innovations, creations as well as traditions that bind us together as well as solving our social needs, wants and desires.


With the emergence of China’s “One Belt One Road” initiative, the aim of the forum is to explore and strategize a future where Creative & Cultural Enterprise and Innovation is relevant for both society and economic development for all the different countries and cultures engaging in this initiative.